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A Survival Guide For All New School Employees:
Unspoken Rules for Working in a School

Available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Lulu
Paperback 978-1-4834-9344-2
E-book 978-1-4834-9343-5

You finally landed that job in a school. It’s supposed to be everything you anticipated. However, after the first few days, you realize you’re entirely lost. It feels as though you’re swimming upstream against a strong current. You come home after work and feel like crying. You’re caught in a hopeless maze.

You thought schools were about the three R’s. But you find reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic have been replaced by rules, routines, and relationships. And, another R looms over your head—namely—responsibility.

In EduKate Me, author and former school administrator Ed Yergalonis helps you navigate your career journey. He focuses on the unwritten rules for survival in your school, the things no one told you and probably never will. He teaches you his Ten Commandments of working in a school, such as, working in a school is all about relationships and politics are everywhere.

Whether you’re a new teacher, paraprofessional, secretary, custodian, or safety officer, EduKateMe offers guidance in succeeding at your job and representing your school with positivity.

A Survival Guide For the First Year Principal:
Unspoken Commandments of School Leadership

Available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Lulu
Paperback 978-1-4834-1632-8
E-book 978-1-4834-1631-1

You have just been appointed as the principal of the school. Your enthusiasm bubbles over until you are faced with your first crisis. Then you stop and pause and realize that no one ever told you how to handle these things. This book will help you navigate your journey. It will help you deal with the realities of your new life, that of a school principal.

You quickly learn that this is not what you signed up for. You wanted to be an instructional leader and yet you find that you spend no time on that part of your job. You are doing everything but what you had hoped for. In your sleepless nights you ask yourself over and over again, “why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” This book will help you answer this question.

The author skillfully uses a set of commandments to help explain the realities of being a principal. It will be your survival guide.

The commandments include topics such as:

  • Thou shalt always tell the truth, yet people do not want to hear the truth.
  • Thou shalt understand the importance of mental help because you will be dealing with it.
  • Honor the politics of your school because you must understand that politics are everywhere.
  • Thou shalt strive for excellence, yet most people are very happy with mediocrity.

EduKate Me II is a must read for all new principals and those that aspire to be a principal. The book and the author’s commandments will quickly become the “bible” for your success.